Monday, October 23, 2006


Went to a american couple , Bob and Karen's place for dinner yest as a part of the cultural exchange program . Had a wonderful time at their place . These people have been hosting international students for a long time now and they have had people from many countries to their house . Each item in their house belongs to a different country . They went to India last year and the amount of curiosity and enthusiam these people have was simply amazing . Karen has read some 20 books on India in the past 6 months since her visit to India . There was so much warmth in the home that not for a sec did we feel that we were at the place for the first time . We discussed everything from philosophy to marriages , caste system , world history ,poverty,social service ,music ,books , food , parent -children relationships in context of both of our countries. It was truly an enlightening experience .

But what struck me the most about Bob and Karen was their love for each other even after 30 years of marriage . While Bob was driving us back home , the excitement in his voice when he talked about Karen was similar to a man newly in love. He said his wife still continues to amaze him even after 30 years of marriage . I always get amazed by the fact that people manage to live with each other for so many years and still dnt get bored of each other . What is that still attracts them to each other ? How can one keep reinventing oneself all of one's lives?

Karen said she wanted to go back to school and learn about world history coz so much has changed since she last went to school . Her enthusiam was contagious .

They looked almost 20 years younger than their original age coz of their enthusiam ..never once in our conversation did I find a generation gap or a mind block between us .

The 2 things that I learnt yest was about the Eternity of love and that life becomes boring and uninteresting only if we let be ,or else there is never a dearth of excitement which can be gained by "Living LIFE" .


wildflower said...

few things are as eternal as of them is true love...people in love never seem to run shorta topics to talk about...

anshika said...

love is sweetens ur taste buds wen you least expect it to do so...and thats exactly wat this post did to me.. beautifully written swthrt. God bless Bob and Karen!! :)