Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Work Smart

Scored 95/100 in the DSP assignment . Remember the one which I had almost flunked last week . So have I suddenly grown intelligent or did I work harder than I did on the earlier ones ..as a matter of fact I put in lot less effort for this assignment .

A "geek" friend of mine gave me some timely advice . Its not just about working hard or how intelligent you are . If you have made it this far you surely have some amount of intelligence . Its all about working smart . Thats what I did , went to the ta ..got hints on how to proceed on each problem and what was it that he wanted from each problem . I found that the problems I have been putting in so much time trying to decipher could be done with very little effort coz the ta himself was not giving so much thought to them ..and to my surprise I figured out that people who were much more dumb than me but smart enough to take the route mentioned above were scoring really high .."Give as much thought to the problem as the Ta wants you too .." :-)...

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