Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Watch the Time fly out the window ...

One can actually sit and watch time fly past him and crib about the lack of time or actually take time in ones hand and use it the way one wants too ..

When I was in my undergrads I used to get time to do loads of stuff ..play , study , social work , dance , read ..etc etc ..I used to look at a lot of my working friends and cousins and they used to always complain about the lack of time to do any extra curricular activity . I thought maybe when I get to grad school life will be the same for me . I will have no time to have fun , play etc etc ..

Now I am in grad school and I realize I still do have time to pursue a lot of interests . I go to the gym regularly , have fun with friends on weekends and still have a desire as well as the time to do more stuff apart from academics .My friends ask me ..How do you find time to write a blog so often ..? So is it that I study less as compared to others. Well maybe ..but thats how much I can manage too...i need a break ..and all these extra curricular do fit in well into those breaks ..
So what I am trying to drive at is that nobody lacks time in this world ..you just need to decide what you want to use your time for ...you may not want to go to the gym now coz you want to sleep ..but in the future this 1 hr you did not spend at the gym will convert into 3 hrs with a doctor ..

You decide what you want to do with your life ..some sacrifices now will surely reap rich dividends later on in your life ...

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