Thursday, October 19, 2006


Got my ai project( the research I am doin basically rite now ) graded today. It said " Ok project ". I had been expecting the comments to be Good or smthin coz that was wat my prof had said about my intial draft . Was terribly disappointing ...I exaclty dnt know wat went wrong with it or wat was in the project of others of that they got comments like good and exciting .
At times like these I feel really lost among the hordes of highly talented people around me , everyone here has smthin to his/her credit . I have doubts as to whether I will be able to achieve the task that I have set out to achieve at this place . The clouds of failure loom large .

The terrible optimist that I am , I am sure I will not give up but then I do have my bad times and even a elastic band looses its elasticity if pulled too hard and too often .

ps: Mom ,dad ..i am fine ..dnt call me up thinking i am too worried or tense ..:-)

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