Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Writer's block

Days of inactivity at the blogger has created a void in me ...ppl around me are getting worried too ..that smthing's wrong with me that i m am not writing my blog ..actually i am stuffering by something called the writer's block i just decided to pen downs some random stuff just to get me goin ..

So if i look around as to what is it that has touched me in the past few days ..its the camaderie of the Erie street people I stay with . Yest was Shiva's bday ..he along with the people around took so much pains to cook a lavish dinner for all the 15 of us ..even on sunday the girls cooked up really good meal for all of us ( with the spices specifically reduced for me !!!)..this act of pure selflessness is what touched me ..each one of them could have gone their own way ..saying that have work to do ..and just cooked for themselves ...these ppl smtimes make me feel like a really selfish person ..


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you forgot to mention about my alooooooooo curry