Thursday, October 05, 2006

Enthusiasm can be contagious

Who said Phd makes ppl boring and dull gotta meet my professor here meeting with my prof and all my cells get recharged no matter how boring my day has been..

Professors here are so excited about the research that they are doin and its very easy for that enthusiasm to rub off you ..every prof here talks about loving the work you do prof will repeatedly ask me it only if you want to .do you like the work ..wat is your view ..every single person is accorded so much importance ..the fact that i am younger and less experienced than him hardly makes a difference ..if i have a good idea thats wat matters..
I walk into his office ..say hi as if i am talkin to a friend ..and he is all ears for my ideas..

We complain about lack of time..look at these profs ..they take classes research ,look after research of the students under them .attend conferences ..find time for playin games and social life too ..its amazing how they can fit so much into a single day ..

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