Monday, October 02, 2006

There is light at the end of every dark tunnel

As every day in this place goes by I come to believe this statement more and more . When I came I was put up all alone . I was the only person who was not put up at some senior's place . I used to curse my luck for having been thrown in such a place . All the other ppl stayin at the other side of the university were having so much fun . I had no aid , no job.. nthin watsoever.

I could have sat dejected and cursed my luck but I decided to explore the university for this is the place i m going to spend a long time at . Courtesy those early days spent exploring the univ I know a lot more about the univ and the place than ppl who have stayed here for a long while . In the process I came to love and appreciate the place I am staying at and that is very important coz once school starts life becomes so monotonous and you hardly stop to look and marvel at the place around you.

Eventually once my room mate came back I realised I was really in luck to have such an understanding room mate ..had I been somewhere else dunno how many probs I would have had. I soon found a group of really mast gult people around my place too and now I get to have more fun than my friends who stay at univ avenue ( the place where I wanted to go to earlier ) ..

People started to get aid or jobs all around me . I was upset for a while but then I some how had a deep hope inside that one day things will work out for me too . Then thanks to Shiva ( a friend of mine ) ..i got a job at ADCS .. a well paying easy job ..a good start I thought .
I met with this prof in aerospace , who does some really cool work on trajectory planning for unmanned air vehicles . I decided to take the plunge and work with him for free . Though it meant taking 3 grad level courses , a 20hr job and a project , i thought i will manage .
And now I get to work with one of the coolest profs I have known on smthin really interesting and to top to it all ..he is payin me some form of compensation starting today now I dnt have to work on that on campus job .

I still dnt have aid to pay for my tution but what I have is a belief which grows stronger by the day that there is always light shining at the end of the tunnel . Just be true to yourself and never loose hope is the moral of the story .

There is another big thing that I learnt from all this ...everyone has problems but the day you stop enjoyin our life and things around you... life ends there always take time to step back and marvel at nature at its best .

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aditya said...

That's a good way to look at things. You sure will have a great time here!