Thursday, September 07, 2006

Hindi TA ..???

This is fun guys ..had an interview for the hindi ta(teaching assistant ) today ..told them i had experience of teaching school kids hindi ...what a joke ..:-)

nyways there i was being interviewed by 2 ABCD ( American Born Confused Desis ) professors on my experiences and excerpts on hindi ..
first ques..Q: so where are you from?
A: Sir i stayed in jhansi for almost 20 years

Q: Name a famous literary person from jhansi
A: no idea ..i know mahadevi verma is from up ..:-)

Q have heard about maithali sharan gupt ..he is from jhansi
A: Ohhh
Q: Write down the hindi vowels and consonant
A: ( Ab lag gayi waat )..yaad hi nahin aa rahein the alphabets ..kuch to likh diya ..geman shayad :-) ..ta , tha , vala line hi bhool gayi likhna

Q: How will you teach hindi to a bunch of american students
A: (Phada maar diya answer main ...)...i will teach them sounds , pronunciations , words etc etc

Q: How is hindi language different from english ..wat do your appreciate about hindi
A: ( Phada again ...) ...hindi is more expressive than english etc etc..

Q: (Final blow ...) ..write a 5 line essay on your experiences in minneapolis ..
A: ( How the hell do you write minneapolis in hindi ..) ..maine to yeh shaher karke likhke kalti mar liya ...

One heck of an experience nyways ..imagine me ..i used to hate hindi at school ..had a big celebration when the 10th board hindi exam ended ..and here i was making them believe i m one of the biggest proponants of hindi language ..:-)

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anshika said...

hahahhahah...heheh!! Was just remembering the good ol' schools days and imaginin u teachin hindi to kids :D Loved it!!!