Sunday, September 03, 2006


My science and logic did not permit me to believe in destiny . I believed everybody creates their own destiny by their own hands and to believe that your future is already written down for you , is to wash your hands of the hardwork you need to do to create your destiny .

But why am i writing this all in the past tense ..have a stopped believing it i guess ..

but i ya ..with every day that passes by ever since my gre process started i find it more comforting to believe in destiny saves me worries about the future..

intially i was worried whether i would get my passport on time or not ..then whether i would get a good score or not ..if i will get an admit or not...what about the visa ..? tickets..? and now that i m here ..i need to worry about getting an aid or not ...
but somehow along the way i came to believe that something somewhere is written for me ..there is silver lining of hope at the end of this dark tunnel ..and all i need to do is make the most of this darkness ..coz it is only now that we learn the true meaning of light

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