Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Aid @ MN

People back home keep on asking me about my aid situation decided to make it clear for once and all ..when i was leaving home i believed like everybody does that i will get some form of assistantship as soon as i get there ..or if not surely after the first semester ..

I did not understand the implications of it right then that i know i would like to make it clear to people who are planning to come later on ...coming un aided can be quite a scary thing.

First thing you spend all your time scouting for aid or spamming profs when you should be enjoying your first days at the univ and getting to learn more about it ..

Secondly even after you get aid ..if it is not in your area of interest is not worth it ..coz you spend a lot of your time doin smthin ..which given a different circumstance you would have devoted to your area of interest..

The good part of it is you learn a lot of living life the hard way ...which would surely be a plus ..

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