Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Countdown to the winter

The minnesotian winter is world famous and i thot i ought to write down my thoughts along with the approaching winter .

So lets start from today onwards
Sept 20th ..Temp 4 C Windchill 4C
This is fall are not supposed to call it winter out here . You get wear something called fall jackets which are actually sweaters back home in india . If u look outside the window you can hardly make out if it 4 C or -25 C . So wat you need to do is to get up every morning , check the weather update and then decide as to wat the appropriate dress code should be

More soon...

This was supposed to be a countdown to the winter ..
Oct 2nd ..Temp 28 C Windchill 26 C
This is how unpredictble it can get here . It feels really hot rite now ..People who were coming around in all there fall jackets and long coats have suddenly shifted to shorts and t-shirts today.. The coming week is supposed to be like this and before we know the temperature would have fallen down to 0 C

Ok so winter has finally arrived
Oct 11 ..Temp 2 C Feels like -4 C Expected snow showers
I havent mustered the strenght yet to go out and check it out for myself....

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Nikhil K said...

Just wait till you get the opportunity to flaunt your new down jackets back home... man , people look like eskimoes in those contraptions :)