Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Control Systems !!!!

This is for all my undergrad friends ..remember how much i used to hate control sys back in coll encounters :-) with Mr.Dan and Pramnik are well know ..well all off them sprouted for boredom and desperation that bore out of these classes ..and guess wat guys all i m doin out here is control systems ..i m taking a control sys class and workin under an aero prof on the control of uavs ( unmanned air vehicles ..) vlsi , no wavelets , no communications idea how out of all things i landed with control sys ..
basically it started with the wish to please a prof to give me aid ..and then i decided i sure wanted to give a second try ..
and the fact the both of my control profs look real cool of them even has that smooth italian accent to his english just gives me that extra leverage needed to get on with this mamooth task that i have undertaken..

ps: i have by now completely bored my roomie with the tales of my escapades @nitrkl ..guess we had too much fun guys ..missing nitrkl...

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