Friday, November 24, 2006


Well thats quite not a topic one writes about but then wats life without a pinch of comedy in it ..infact we spend so much of our life in the restrooms that they sure deserve to be written about ..

Actually when I started thinkin about this post it was supposed to about aeroplanes and their cramped seating spaces ..i actually flew to St.Louis just yest to spend thanksgiving at my cousin's place . into one of these domestic airlines which have hardly leg space ..even to get to your seat you have to walk sideways ..added to that if you have a fat lady sitting beside you who just cannot fit into the space provided ..there are quite a lot of adjustments to be done ..

Coming back to restrooms ..a note of caution.if you suffer from a minor case of claustrophobia like i do ..or better put if you are a lover of free spaces not use the restrooms on board a domestic flight until you absolutely need to ..there is hardly any space for you to fit into ..particularly for a country like USA which has so many obese people ..(also US is a equal opportunity employer you see !!)..i had a hard time imaginin how we would get the fat lady beside me out of the restroom if she got stuck in there ..
perhaps we could use a planning algorthim which would give us the optimal steps to take her out ..!!

Ya well so restrooms haan ..people just tend to ignore their importance ..i think back home we loose a lot of efficiency because of the lack of proper restrooms ..along with issues like primary education , poverty and health care I think our government should also tackle the issue of setting up proper restrooms ..that should we lead to significant improvement in our GDP ..:-)

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