Thursday, November 02, 2006


Got my mid sem papers today ..My prof wants us to redo the paper and submit it again . His main emphasis is on the fact that we should get understand the course material well during the exam maybe due to some time constraints we may not have been able to solve the problem but that doesnt mean we should not be given the chance to understand it well and do it .

The education system here in the US amazes me alot ..I have seriously come to like it a dnt need to mug anything for the exam coz the emphasis is on the fact that did you understand stuff or not get all the books and papers you want to ..refer to them and solve the exam ..there is no question which requires you to write pages and pages of unrelavent information ..just conceptual questions ..

The professor here take up their jobs coz they love teaching and they do make sure that they are really good at it ..

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