Sunday, August 05, 2007

One of the most touching documentaries that I have seen in recent times . It questions the medical system in the US . Privatization of medicine as compared to socialistic medicine.

US is the land of capitalism and it has always been led with the philisophy of greatest good to the greatest individual ( as in not character wise , business wise ) . The downside of this is medical care where in insurance companies are in a fierce battle to make as much money out of the medical business as any other private company but the only problem is that this profit making firm sometimes results in the lives of ppl .

US is the land of scientific discoveries and often one of the first countries to make breakthroughs in medicine , we would never imagine that ppl will not be able to take advantage of this bcoz their insurance companies think that this is experimental and so they will not cover it under insurance . The insurance companies consider money sent out as loss and the number of applications denied insurance as profits ..

The critics argue that in socialistic medicine a person who is working really hard has to shell out money in his taxes to take care for someone who cannot afford it but if you look at it the other way around every person from the bus driver to the garbage can man makes your life easier to live and for every other person that falls sick the overall productivity of the nation falls down which indirectly affects your own productivity too . After all life is governed by too many uncertainties , one day you maybear the brunt of it too.

Others may argue that it is the survival of the fittest . The fittest and the wealthiest survive , the poor on the other hand have to die . If that is so I just hope we dnt end up like the ppl in the hitch hikers guide who sent away all the barbers , technicians and gardners boz they thought their jobs were too menial . Utimately the smart ppl perished but the dumb ones formed a planet named earth .

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