Thursday, August 30, 2007

Royal Treatement

3 months of living life kingsize has left me dreading getting back to the third world graduate life at school .

For once you get to work in a company that pay you the highest amongst interns all over. You are all set to come in when you realise you dnt have a car and no bus goes to your workplace. The gentlemen that they are , my employers agree to reimburse a cab ride for me . Whow!!!I arrive to work in a chauffeur driven car every day to work now .

Inside the brightly lit building painted in all hues of the sky you get to know the one of most intricate technologies that exist and if technology excites you , this is the place to be . They have Phds from aerospace , electrical , mechanical , chemical all bunched together making one of the best drives in the world .

And then you get to work on a really cool project . I put in only half of the effort that I did at school and my mentor asks me if i m getting awed by the work ...:-)...If thats not it , free tickets to valley fair , harry potter screening and bunch of inside activities . Just icing on the cake .

Add to it free evening , free weekends nagging by your brain about the amount of work you have left ...and money to travel ...i went all over the US in these 3 months ...:-P

The past 3 days have just been wonderful with the farewell lunches , people coming to ask you if you liked the work and what you think of the company ... now thats some respect ...hmmmm ....

Well Well but all good things come to an end ...

Now starts a new chapter with me trying to figure out algorithms in the brain ..:-D

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