Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I was watching Gandhi my father , the other day and then something struck me about what Indianness actually means . Before I go further I would like to recommend watching the movie . Its refreshing to see movies like this being made. Chak de would fall second in this list .

Coming back to the point , it struck me what being an Indian actually meant . Its our innate spirituality that makes us different from every one . Not falling prey to temptation and desires and practising tolerance. Thats what sets us different from these people. Since we are children we are taught in our houses that materialism is not the way to moksha , the more you can get rid of your desires , the more closer will you be to the eternal one . I believe anyone at any place in the world if he follows this is Indian enough .

This flattening of cultures poses a grave danger to the Indian culture. There are certain things you should learn from other cultures and certain things are to be avoided. Like in the case of Americans there dedication to work and perfection is something to be learnt from . Also another remarkable thing is the co-existence of so many cultures simultaneously . Unfortunately this learning process also brings along some of the other things like the fast food , dating , divorce into our cultures.

We are at a very important stage in flattening of cultures . We have never know so much about the outside world as we do now .What we choose right now and give up would define a lot of how all of us along with India in the future would end up being .

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