Friday, April 22, 2016

4th anniversary

As I look forward to our anniversary
How to celebrate it remains a mystery
Through essays and blogs is how I always explore
But a tribute to us should be worth more 
4 years of love and intimacy
Could only be expressed through a work of poetry

Marriages are made in heaven they say
The time has to be right to make heads sway
Life had to polish the stones we were, to the diamonds that met
For a diamond and a stone cannot make a fabulous set

The connection was instant and the attraction really strong
A Mexican getaway was the perfect storm
Laughing away at our wedding
I knew we had started on a strong footing
Year 1 was the year of romance
And life yessir, always gives you a second chance.

Exploring the mountains and uplifting our lives
Year two was the year that we built up our social lives
Activities and people from all walks of life
Opened our eyes to what is truly possible with life

And then the travel bug caught on
We decided to bring it all on
From the mountains of Macchu to the jungles of Amazon
We learnt that striving together we can take down a Armageddon
Year 3 was one of support and strength
Testing our love and patience to great length

Walking through the mountains we decided it was time
To have a baby while we are still in our prime
Nature they say listens to none, but only the true one
Our hearts are not there, it knew from day one
Love of parents and in-laws became our strength
A trip to the crater of civilization changed our views of what life meant

As we approach the 4th year, my dear
I want to rise above all the quibbles and squabbles of last year
And acknowledge my heartfelt gratitude for the love that you are
You are the love that makes me grow and care
Never the one to rest
You make me my best

We are two travelers in this journey of life,
Through the ups and downs we are learning to become better husband and wife,
As we look into our future, I wonder how we will be as man and wife
Making this world a better place, I believe needs to the journey of our life.

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