Saturday, December 18, 2010

Counting my blessings ...

A lot of times in the past 4 years the thought has crossed my mind that I should write a blog about my friends , fondly known as the erie rockers but I have never actually been able to that . The primary reason has been that I do not think that my words can do justice to what I feel for each one of them .

If there exists something called pure love amongst friends , then it sure is defined by the love that I have received from my friends in Minneapolis . This is one place where people do not work based on their egos or competition of who is better than whom , all they want and expect out of you is just love and that is all they give too. Friends who have left Minneapolis can justify this statement , they just keep coming back to MSP because nowhere else can they find a place where one can just be one's own self and people would just accept and love you the way you are . We can be pulling each others legs for hours at an end but at the end of the day never have there been any harsh feelings .

If there is one name for creativity , enthu and encouraging others to be a part of something bigger than themselves , Erie rockers has got to be the name for it .

Sometimes it scares me , we are too good to each other , how is that actually possible ??? :-)

Today on my birthday , I just feel like saying a very big thank you to all these great set of people for being there for me always and showering all this love on me .

Looking at the post I wanted to say smthing a lot more creative and non cliche , but then like I said words fail me in writing in this post .


Pradeep said...

Awesome and well deserved testimonial!
You've definitely marked your day.

Ashok said...

"Sometimes it scares me , we are too good to each other"

now you understand why I say few things I say? ;-)

Marri said...

True Akhila. Everybody in the group are happy go lucky people around. I am highly impressed with the phenomenal creativity and enthusiasm that our group imparts every now and then. I feel so blessed to have you guys around me.

It is chance that we guys met in Minneapolis, and by choice we all became great friends. Go rockers!