Sunday, August 01, 2010

Taking the bollywood out of our lives .!!

I was reading Midnights with Mystic and it got me thinking about the melodrama each one of us carries around in our lives. I guess mostly influenced by the emotional barrage that we see in bollywood movies :-) .

I have never been a very emotional person but have always had my moments of emotional outbursts . The happy moments I dnt really question but the sad ones I do . I think we as humans take ourselves too seriously at times and so when things do not turn out exactly the way that we want them to we start to despair coz this is not how we imagined our very own Bollywood movie to go .

Life is a just a beautiful story which we are watching playing on the big screen in front of us. We walk into the movie called life with no knowledge of how it is going to be and we live through it . Sometimes it turns out to be a awesome movie , other times a average one , but at the end of it that is what it is , just a movie that we are all supposed to njoy and then walk out off . So moral of the story eat all the popcorn you want , cry , laugh but at the end of it remember that it is just a movie which will end in the so called three hours . So why not make the most out of the movie and enjoy it to the fullest ?

I look at Bollywood movies that so dramatize the romance between the hero and the heroine, people going to the extent of killing themselves or giving up on their lives just because they lost a loved one . I often wonder after watching all that how much more of life could that person have experienced if they were not stuck in melodrama of that one single moment in their lives, if they could seen clearly through it and just said to themselves , "Ohh that turned out to be a not so ok experience , so let me just move on and see if there are any other interesting experiences to be had".

As some wise men have said most people have too many fanciful ideas about themselves and their future lives , if only the one person that you can be really honest with becomes you , right at that very moment all the melodrama will drop out of your lives .

My quest for my very own version of a simple , honest bollywood movie still continues :-)


Aritra said...

Well do not really agree with the Bollywood connection to the melodrama :) I think even people in other parts of the world where there is no Bollywood influence have some element of melodrama in their lives too !!

Ritu said...

Hmmm...well, what would a movie be without any melodrama or emotions ?? I dont agree that we should not think about the sad times in our life, why we are sad etc etc. One should not really brood about it but we cannot simplify things beyond a certain point. A simple life with no melodrama whatsoever would be very boring !!(niras, in Hindi)

Ms.T said...

@Auri ...bollywood is just a metaphor is referring to overdramtizing of life .
@Ritu ...the reference here is more to how seriously some times people take the sad moments in their lives , that they simply cannot let go . I dnt say we should not njoy the emotions but we get way to carried away by them

Aritra said...

T.....point well taken.....but i guess what you are referring to is not overdramtizing of life but overdramtizing of sorrow. Because we do dramatize the happiness but not realize we are doing so. I guess dramatizing is just another way of expressing but with a higher intensity or magnitude, which is fine until the point you can control it or do not let the drama slave you. What say ???