Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Lesson

I got my detection and estimation marks yest . I got 9/30 . I guess just one more person in that class of 30 has marks less than me , terrible performance .

Why so you may ask ..? The problem is I haven't taken the probability and stochastic class which is the prerequisite for this course . Earlier on I believed I could manage the course by the probability I had learnt in my engineering . I had a few warning signals before I started the course , for once it is a 8000 level course , the toughest one could take , the professor told me its going to be difficult , also I could not do the initial self assessment assignment meant to tell you if one could do the course but I kept telling myself I could do it . Taking up on a challenging task can be quite exciting , that rush of adrenaline saying you can do it ..but if not thought about well can land you into trouble some times .

Why did you take the course you may ask ..? I believed this course could get me a career in medical electronics which seems bleak too after my intern reject from medtronic . I often go back to all the academic and professional decisions I have made in this place and often wish I would have taken them otherwise , if only I had known better .

But then I am not complaining . I believe this is all a learning lesson for making better , informed decision later on in life .

One good thing ,courtesy this jolt I have given up all my slack persisting this semester long to make most of the rest of it knowing if I dnt give my best now ..."Somebody's gonna get real bad.."":--)

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